It’s funny that I managed to kept this page for so long without knowing this, but there’s another website that has been generating graphics from GameSpy stats (as this one does) for a very long time. It’s called Gstats2 and hosted on, a French gaming portal (so the website itself is in French too).

The graphics seem a bit more generic (covering the 15 or so top games only, with less precise graphics being generated even though they do make hourly reads too), but what’s more important is that the thing has been running since early 2003, at least one year and a half more than this Zeitgeist. Graphics can also be generated dynamically, so it’s possible to create custom graphics on the fly.

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This website gathers data for various First Person Shooter games for PCs, and then build graphics with those numbers. This brings no answers, just questions. Where do we go from here?