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This month’s PC Gamer (#170, UK) has the subtitle of “2007: The Future of PC Gaming” and is, according to them, “a preview of what’s to come, what has just been and where we might be going”. And, somewhere in the middle of that all, there’s a small contribution by the Online Gaming Zeitgeist, so if you’re one of those strange people who like to look at lines going up and down and who think geek statistics are sexy, and you live in England, it might be a good idea to pick this one up. Also, by “this month” I mean January (the February issue is already out, I think, because the press community lives in the future). Or you can view some discussion about this issue of the magazine on their official forum.

Maybe because of that, two websites linked to this page recently so I thought I’d mention them back. One is well-known Kotaku, on a post that discusses the effects of the Steam downtime (some of the comments on that page are just gold), and the other one is GameSetWatch, a pretty cool gaming discussion blog that I regret not knowing about until today.

And last but not least, there’s always The Steam Review, who covers distribution trends on the industry, specially related to the Steam platform. This is actually the website that inspired me to make the Online Gaming Zeitgeist more than a simple hack of a subsite (creating the blog and doing the specific analysis from time to time), and it was a real pleasure to also be mentioned on his website a couple of times – for example, on the recent analysis on the efficiency of free weekends. Thanks Tom.

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  1. Tom Edwards Says:


  2. Zeh Says:

    Ooops… how fast we take our most loved ones for granted, and forget about who’s always been by our side on the toughest of times. Fixed.

  3. Tom Edwards Says:

    Wow, looks like I’m doing something useful after all! Thanks. 🙂

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