Run to the hills: it’s multiplayer first person shooter invasion

If this October’s (legendary) release of TF2 (see how well it’s doing here) and ET:QW (follow it here) didn’t drain all the productivity you might have left, feel free to make use of your stash of sick days at work as the demo for UT3 has just been released (it’ll soon show up here too).

Lastly, just as a quick note: in the future I’ll arbitrarily separate some specific mod data from their specific game data, so games like TF2 and CS:S won’t show up as being mods of HL2 (they’re sold as separate SKUs after all). I’ll also have to remake the graphic generating algorithm to work around the server script execution time limit – the reason why the mods page isn’t getting updated. No data is lost, though, as gathering them is a separate process that’s still doing fine.

2 Responses to “Run to the hills: it’s multiplayer first person shooter invasion”

  1. Aggressor Says:

    Do you have any explanation to ET:QW’s sudden jump from 2k to over 7k players? Did patch change the way players and bots are reported or what happened? That looks very wierd and amount of players and servers in game does not seem to change that much.

  2. Zeh Says:

    Aggressor: good question. I, too, found it really odd when that happened. It was in sync with the patch so it’s either because it corrected/changed the way players are reported, or because people decided to give it a try (or a temporary break from other games) after the patch.

    As always, I don’t have real answers, but I’ll post graphics about it and about the TF2 release soon.

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