New Steam statistics

Valve – developers of games Half-Life, Counter-Strike and Team Fortress, among others – have recently updated their game statistics page. They added some very nifty gameplay statistics for Half-Life:Episode 2 and, more recently, they’ve also started a new edition of their player hardware survey which automatically gathers hardware and software data from Steam users through the globe.

The big news is that this version of the survey also detects whether the user has some specific applications installed – on my case, it successfully detected FireFox, OpenOffice, and Zone Alarm. Data from those specific results are not listed on the survey results page yet, though. Personally, being both a FireFox and an OpenOffice zealot, I was pretty happy to see something like this popping up there.

Finally, Tom at The Steam Review has some additional discussion about it.

Update: awesomely-named also has an analysis of some of the preliminary results of the new survey.

5 Responses to “New Steam statistics”

  1. hillbrough Says:

    can you make a graph of the peak of all the unreal tournaments?

  2. Zeh Says:

    hillbrough: yes I can… at least from the 3 last years. I’ll do so in the near future, to compare how UT3 is doing online.

  3. hillbrough Says:

    awesome i cant wait

  4. hillbrough Says:

    you still planning on the unreal article?

  5. Zeh Says:

    hillbrough: yes, it’s in the queue. I’m waiting for the christmas effect to be over to provide a better analysis of a few recently released games (UT3, ETQW, TF2).

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