Valve releases Team Fortress 2 statistics

In addition to other Half-life 2: Episode 2 statistics (released a few weeks ago), Valve now has updated their Game and Player Statistics page and added some Team Fortress 2 Gameplay Stats with some cool information such as class, weapon and map breakdown in a number of different parameters. There’s some really, really awesome information there.

As a follow-up, other interesting discussions about the statistics are taking place over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun and at ShackNews.

2 Responses to “Valve releases Team Fortress 2 statistics”

  1. PseudoKnight Says:

    Hey there. Big fan of the site. I used to do this myself with an excel spreadsheet a few years ago. Heh.

    Anyway, you mentioned that you were going to take some of the standalone mods out of the HL2/HL1 listings and I was wondering if there’s an ETA on that. I’m really looking forward to it (and the HL1 stats are through the roof without it).

    Ya, I’m a statistic nut, even considering the relative inaccuracies. I visit here and daily. I used to go to mmogchart as well, until it was a year later and he still hadn’t updated them.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Zeh Says:

    PseudoKnight: Thanks.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a schedule for that, although I started part of the work needed for that yesterday. The problem is that it depends a bit on my free time. Should be soon, hopefully before the end of this month. The bigger problem is that I need to redo part of the graph drawing algorithm as it needs to be much faster (so the mod drawing one can work again).

    And yep, mmogchart seems to be dead, but apparently has taken over that segment of statistics. The site seems pretty good. I’ve updated the links on the side bar of this site recently to add it.

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